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Finding Las Vegas Discount Hotel Rates

Thinking of heading out to Las Vegas sometime soon, but the hotel prices have you worried? If so, you may have less to worry about than you initially thought. Although hotel prices in Las Vegas can be very high at times, they also want people to stay in their hotels so that they will frequent the casinos. Because of this, you will of often see Las Vegas discount hotel rates that are a real steal. The same goes for restaurants around the Strip, which often charge as little as $6 for a great meal. When it comes to staying in Las Vegas, you really don't need to settle for something like Motel 6 or other budget hotels. With a little research, you can find excellent rates at four and five star hotels in the heart of the Strip.

The first key to finding Las Vegas discount hotel rates is to know when the best times to travel to Vegas are. Avoid the weekend if you possibly can. This will save considerable money all around, both on plane tickets and hotel prices. You also won't have to contend with the sometimes overwhelming crowds that can gather during the weekends. Taking Las Vegas vacations during the week will save you money and frustration. It is also a good idea to avoid any major sporting events if at all possible. When the hotels are having a harder time filling their rooms, they will offer lower rates and discounts. At other times, however, they can afford to charge whatever they want.

If you can stay in Vegas earlier in the week, expect to find great deals even at the center of the Strip. Five star hotels such as the MGM Grand, Bally's, and the Venetian all offer excellent discounts during lower traffic times such as the early weekdays. Avoid staying too far from the Strip, as this will be inconvenient and require you to either rent a car or take many taxi rides. If you are daring, consider calling the hotel and asking for a manager to speak with them about possible casino rate rooms. If you intend on doing a lot of gambling, the hotel may be willing to rent your room out at a discount. The worst they can say is no.

Finding Las Vegas discount hotel rates is certainly possible if you look at the right times. The internet can be of help here as well, with some sites offering information on Las Vegas discount hotel rates. There are even websites that allow you to bid on hotel rooms, making some very cheap Las Vegas discount hotel rates possible. Spend some time researching Las Vegas discount hotel rates online, and you are bound to come across some very lucrative deals out there. It is certainly not necessary to stay in a three star hotel far from the strip in order to get a good rate. This is especially true of a city such as Las Vegas, where hotels want to draw business to their casinos. Las Vegas discount hotel rooms may not be as hard to find as you think.

When you book a Las Vegas discount hotel room, make sure to ask for good accomodations at the desk. Ask for a corner room, as these are quieter and often have great views for the same price. Tipping the desk clerk might be a good way to get Las Vegas discount hotel rooms. Especially with the size of hotels in Las Vegas, getting the right room is particularly important for having the best time possible.

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